Welcome to Black Women Who Wine! This is a wine group for Black women (and their friends) who love everything about wine and wineries and long for increased opportunities to learn more about and influence agritourism in Virginia.

If you love wine, sisterhood and making a difference, this is a great group. If you have an interest in Virginia tourism, join us!

Wine is big business in Virginia. As of 2015, more than 8,000 people worked in the industry full time, with wineries and vineyards throughout the state having an estimated economic impact of $1.37 billion. In many ways, agritourism is driving tourism. Yet you still see few brown faces – behind or in front of the counter – when visiting the various wineries in central and northern Virginia. Just think about it. How many times have you went for a tasting and received pours from someone who looked like you? How many times have you went to enjoy a day at the winery and thought “Wow, I’m with the only black group here?” Black Women in Wine wants to change ALL of that by doing a few things. 1) We want to use our dollars wisely and impact change in the agritourism industry. 2) We want to educate ourselves all areas of wine education and use that knowledge to show wineries we’re not just here for a good time! We’re for everything that wine means for those who grow it, bottle it, market it and consume it. 3) We want to form real partnerships with local wineries and help them improve hiring strategies, marketing strategies and events.

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