Navigating Dog-Friendly Wineries When You’re Not a Dog Person

Wineries seem ideal for dogs. Wide open spaces and outdoor seating means dogs can run and play and owners can enjoy wine while getting their dogs out of the house. Some wineries even offer dog treats and water. But not everyone goes to a winery to hang out with pups. In face, some people don’t enjoy dogs. Period. And they certainly don’t enjoy them while trying to enjoy a nice glass of wine and views.

Wineries are becoming better at stating up front whether dogs are welcome or not. However, not all give guidance and visitors’ judgment varies about this just as it does about kids at wineries. Some people carry their kids everywhere. Some people carry their dogs everywhere. And some people don’t. If you’re one of the people who don’t (writer of this post included) here are some tips.

  1. Do your research and avoid wineries that are dog-friendly. This is the most obvious way to navigate this issue. A visit to a winery’s website or Instagram can usually let you know whether dogs are welcome. If you still really want to visit the winery though, go during off-peak hours or times when less people will be there.
  2. Choose the inside option. If there is an option to sit inside, do it. Most dog lovers will want to be outside. Sitting inside will allow you a chance to enjoy the winery minus the pups.
  3. Politely draw a line. Most dog lovers at wineries are aware their experience is not for everyone and are fine with moving their dog or attempting to quiet it down.

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