Fall Winery Tour 2021: A Recap

On September 18, we embarked on our first ever Fall Winery Tour. Eight Black Women Who Wine visited three wineries – Barboursville Vineyards, Chestnut Oak Vineyard and Early Mountain Vineyards.

We received excellent transport service from A&A Limousine based out of Charlottesville.

First stop: Barboursville Vineyards

Our first stop, Barboursville Vineyards, was a fan favorite and has a unique tasting experience. Pay a tasting fee of $15 for six one ounce pours self-dispensed by automated Winestations. The selection of reds here stand out. The Merlot, Sangiovese Reserve and Nebbiolo Reserve were favorites with our group. As for whites, the 2019 Vermentino Reserve stood out and the Philéo was liked by sweet wine lovers.

Second stop: Chestnut Oak Vineyard

Chestnut Oak was the only stop on our tour that none of us had visited before. Well, it definitely will not be the last time we visit this vineyard. Customer service was excellent and we all had flights. We enjoyed the 2017 Ascension Petit Verdot, 2015 Petit Manseng, and 2017 Sparkling Wine.

Last stop: Early Mountain Vineyard

Our last stop was Early Mountain for lunch and more wine. The great thing about Early Mountain is that it offers wines from wineries across Virginia. It is currently offering three different flights to choose from as well as wines by the bottle and glass.

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