Notes from Pippin Hill

Last weekend Black Women Who Wine got to once again experience Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards. Pippin Hill first extended an invite to us last summer and was happy to host our first meet-up of 2022 recently. The significance of the Pippin Hill events are that it is the only winery that has fully sponsored any Black Women Who Wine event and we’re super grateful to them for providing the experiences.

Black Women Who Wine on the Hill

Located in North Garden, Va., Pippin Hill always tops the list of wineries to visit not only in Virginia, but on the East Coast. It’s beautiful for sure and is just as much a culinary destination as a wine one. While there we tried various dishes including pizza, buffalo cauliflower, charcuterie, sliders, and desserts.

Photo: Courtnee Durrett

We tasted reds and whites, with the reds being the standouts here. The Cannon Red, a blend of Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Merlot, Tannat, and Viognier, was highly drinkable with notes of blackberries and plum. Red Pump, another red blend was also a favorite. A bit spicier but also lighter than the Cannon Red, it also had notes of berries as well as peppercorn and tarragon. Both were pleasing on the nose and palate and didn’t leave a smokey aftertaste.

Other wine notes. The Rose here is good. Even those who don’t normally enjoy Rose reached a consensus on this. Of the whites we tried, the Zero White was the group’s least favorite. The blend made mostly of Vidal Blanc landed as the least favorite of the group. The white that ranked highest was the Petit Manseng. The crisp finish made this almost refreshing and I’m sure it is especially popular in the summer.

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