Winery Spotlight: Mount Ida Tasting Room and Taphouse

I’ve been to Mount Ida multiple times, but have never put it on the blog, so here we are. Located in Scottsville, Mount Ida is comprised of multiple event venues and two neighborhoods of homes. It reminds you of just how much money is being poured into this area, and it’s beautiful. The Tasting RoomContinue reading “Winery Spotlight: Mount Ida Tasting Room and Taphouse”

Worth a Trip? Stable Craft Brewing

Wineries and breweries can be far away. They need space after after all. So before committing to a trip to what sometimes turns out to be the middle of nowhere, it is good to know if the trip is worth taking. Over the past weekend, we visited Stable Craft Brewing in Waynesboro, VA. As withContinue reading “Worth a Trip? Stable Craft Brewing”