Chocolate and Wine. They Go Together.

Wine and chocolate is one of the most popular pairings worldwide. But why? It’s actually quite scientific. And if you pair the wrong chocolate with the wrong wine, the result can be bitter, sour, and lots of other words that ultimately mean nasty. The secret to the perfect wine pairing is actually something most haveContinue reading “Chocolate and Wine. They Go Together.”

The Wine Cave gets an intro to The Workshop Wine Club

Recently, members of Black Women Who Wine’s Wine Cave got an intro to the The Workshop Wine Club based out of the Workshop at the Wool Factory in Charlottesville. We got to enjoy a private tasting of four Wine Club wines, as well as some Workshop favorites. The Workshop Wine Club is described as “a monthlyContinue reading “The Wine Cave gets an intro to The Workshop Wine Club”

Much Ado About Brunch

Brunch. The origins of the meal are disputed, but most agree it started in Britian as part of fox hunting tradition. It became popular in the U.S. in the 1930s with New Orleans claiming it was first to popularize the meal. Now people flock to the boozy meal in cities across America, but Charlottesville stillContinue reading “Much Ado About Brunch”

Winery Spotlight: Hardware Hills Vineyard

In our last winery spotlight of 2022, we’d like to introduce you to Hardware Hills Vineyard. Located in Scottsville, VA, Hardware Hills was previously Thistle Gate Vineyard. The name changed after ownership of the winery changed in 2021. We visited Hardware Hills as the third and final stop of our fall tour this year andContinue reading “Winery Spotlight: Hardware Hills Vineyard”

Support Black Women Who Wine…and own Small Businesses

Black Women Who Wine is lucky to have so many amazing women join us who are also small business owners. This Small Business Saturday, we invite you to learn about just a few and to stay tuned for a business directory we are working on! Renee’s BoutiqueOwner: Crystal NapierCrystal is a longtime supporter of BlackContinue reading “Support Black Women Who Wine…and own Small Businesses”

Oenoverse version 1.1 is over…what I learned

In the fall of 2021, Tracey Love of Blenheim Vineyards reached out to me asking if I’d like to be a host for a new wine club the winery was planning for 2022, the Oenoverse. It was going to be a club to give a voice to a diverse array of wine afficionados and loversContinue reading “Oenoverse version 1.1 is over…what I learned”

Introducing…BWWW’s Wine Cave

Wine caves are built into hillsides and a unique way to store and age wine. While there are only a few Virginia wineries with wine caves, they offer wineries a unique way to store wine and a visually stunning spectacle for wine lovers and vineyard visitors. Sounds like exactly where we need to be! EnterContinue reading “Introducing…BWWW’s Wine Cave”