What is the Virginia Governor’s Cup?

Virginia wine is in the news as winners of the Virginia Governor’s Cup were announced recently. The annual competition is a big deal, but what is it exactly?

The Virginia Wineries Association hosts the competition annually in partnership with the Virginia Wine Board and the Virginia Vineyards Association. For the 2021 competition, 16 judges sampled 544 wines from over 100 Virginia wineries. The highest 12 ranking red and white wines will become the Governor’s Cup Case, with one bottle winning the “Governor’s Cup.” You can read all about the full rules of the competition and the judging criteria here.

There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners. View all winners.

For the first time ever, this year the creation of the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup Gold Medal Trail was announced.

From the trail’s website:

Follow the trail to taste the award-winning portfolios and discover the wines that embody the grace, grit and experimental spirit of Virginia. To sweeten the deal, we are offering a free Virginia Wine wine tumbler for checking in at 12 of our participating locations, while supplies last.

To participate in the fun is easy. There’s no app to download, just sign up and everything is done via text and email. Have fun and let’s see who gets to 12 first.

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