Winery Spotlight: Stone Tower Winery

Even though the pandemic rages on, many wineries are still working hard to give supporters a safe, get-away-from-reality experience. Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg is one. I visited Stone Tower for the first time in January.

If you know Leesburg, you know this winery is one that people constantly rave about. I understand why. With beautiful views and a more modern feel than some wineries, Stone Tower boasts “real” food (offerings beyond bread and cheese) and honestly, good wine. It is spacious, has decent parking, and you can tell that staff cares about your entire experience from start to finish.


One of the best parts about Stone Tower is that it is 21 and up. Yes, you heard that right, no kids allowed. While some people see winery visits as a chance to get away with kids, I honestly do not and would actually like to see more 21+ wineries. As the parent of a 4-year-old, I enjoy winery visits as an adults only activity. And unless they are set up to welcome kids, most wineries just aren’t really built for it.

I reserved the cottage just a short distance from the winery for a night, so they set up an outdoor winery reservation for me when I reserved the cottage. This was great because on weekends the Tower View Tasting Room is open to members only. The other venue, Harvest Barn, is open for walk-in guests and flight reservations. You can learn all about visiting here. The safety precautions taken were top-notch and I liked that while I was there, there were no large groups present. My friend and I had a bottle of riesling, the charcuterie board, truffle fries and a crabcake sandwich. All of the food was wonderful and the charcuterie board included some unique offerings. The bottle of wine we had was fantastic. If you’re looking for a multitasking winery that is great for a girls day or a date with your significant other, Stone Tower is a good choice.

This board was a highlight.

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