Partnering Black

It’s 2022 and we’re all in this together, right? So why is Black Women Who Wine still going to great lengths to work with Black photographers and vendors and support Black businesses? One, it’s our party and we’ll support who we want to. And 2, this attention to Black-owned business is still needed. Unless there is an intentionality to work with Black vendors, many white-led organizations still intentionally (or unintentionally) choose vendors who look like them.

For me, I enjoy the soul and flavor that Black businesses add when working with them. From added touches to an understanding of expectations when it comes to event planning and curation, working with Black – and other partners of color – is always an experience set apart from others. There is a mutual affection and understanding that we’re working toward a goal and glad to help each other meet those goals. Many Black-led businesses and organizations get a great percentage of their business via word-of-mouth praise and community outreach. They give back so that whole communities benefit. Yet when white-led organizations are looking for services and products, their names are often looked over or not considered unless there is a person of color in the room.

Black Women Who Wine recently had a great photo shoot with Kori Price of Kori Price Photography, a fellow Black woman wining and winning. We look forward to partnering with other Black-led businesses as well this year and beyond.

We are currently looking to partner with local businesses on the following:

  • Swag bags for fall tour (set for October 15)
  • Transportation for fall tour
  • Cookies for summer kickoff (set for June 25)
  • T-shirts and accessories

If you’re a Black-owned business and would like to learn more, contact us at

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