Introducing…BWWW’s Wine Cave

Wine caves are built into hillsides and a unique way to store and age wine. While there are only a few Virginia wineries with wine caves, they offer wineries a unique way to store wine and a visually stunning spectacle for wine lovers and vineyard visitors.

Sounds like exactly where we need to be! Enter Black Women Who Wine’s Wine Cave. The Wine Cave is a members-only space for Black women wining and on this last day of Virginia Wine Month, we’re happy to say we’ve invited inagural members and can’t wait to have others join us.

What does this mean?

As interest in Black Women Who Wine and its mission grows, we have been thinking of a way to streamline our RSVP process for monthly events, while rewarding those who regularly support Black Women Who Wine. It is from this desire that we are establishing inaguaral Wine Cave membership. Invites have been sent!

Wine Cave members will enjoy the following:

  • Early access to monthly meet-ups
  • Members appreciation events
  • Early access to Black Women Who Wine’s first ever fall harvest wine dinner to be held in Fall 2023

There are two wine caves – one for Central/Southern Virginia and one for Northern Virginia.

Can I join or particpate if I’m not a Wine Cave member?

So what does this mean for non Wine Cave members? Not too much, actually. Most events will still be open to the public, including pop-ups and tours. Membership to the Wine Cave will open annually year, starting in January 2024. Let us know you’re interested by joining us throughout the year in 2023.

Let’s keep building

This has been a great year for Black Women Who Wine. Let’s keep up the momentum as we strive to build a deeper wine community of Black women and friends throughout the state. It’s not possible without you and we’re extremely grateful.

2 thoughts on “Introducing…BWWW’s Wine Cave

  1. I am very Interested in becoming a wine Cave member. What are the qualifications? I am also interested In visiting some of the Wine tours.


    1. Hello Dorraine. Those who were invited to join the Wine Cave as inaugural members have shown a continued interest in Black Women Who Wine’s mission and events. Those invited have attending a majority of the 2022 events, attended at least one tour, or a combo of these factors.


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