A Letter from the Founder

“Wine with me.”

Thanks for taking the time to visit Black Women Who Wine. I’m passionate about where I live, work and play and wineries – and agrotourism in general – are a big part of that space.

Born and raised in Nelson County, VA, agriculture has been a big part of my life. However, only in recent years since I moved away in 2008, has the wine industry in Virginia seen the monumental growth that we benefit from today. But that’s a question, who benefits? Most low-income and low-wage workers in my native county would say they benefit very little from the booming wine industry. It can be noted that there are few brown faces in the industry.

So, now that I’ve returned to Central Virginia after 11 years, I’m interested in bringing some black and brown faces to these spaces. In the process, we’d like to influence marketing and messaging and create opportunities for dialogue with wineries and wine educators.

I don’t know a lot of people in the area, so there is no core group for this group. I’m just looking for like-minded ladies who love wine and have somewhat of an agenda…to create spaces and opportunities for sisterhood and equity in the world of Central Virginia wine, and beyond.

Tasha Durrett
Black Women Who Wine, Founder

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